How To Start an ASUNAA Chapter

  1. All members of an ASUNAA local chapter must be members of ASUNAA National. The Office of Alumni Relations can supply a list of all Alcornites in your state, which will allow you to identify any current members in your area. If you have Alcornites who are interested in forming a chapter, but who are not members of the Alumni Association, then your Regional Director will assist you in encouraging interested Alcornites to join the Alumni Association.
  2. Set up an organizational meeting to discuss:
    • The viability of starting a chapter
    • When to meet
    • Where to meet
    • Request a copy of the ASUNAA constitution/bylaws to understand the requirements for a chapter
    • Topics for meetings / strategic plan
    • Chapter leadership/officers
    • Organized chapter constitution/bylaws
  3. Plan, promote and hold first “Chapter-in Formation” meeting. A commitment of 5 ASUNAA members is needed to start a Chapter-In Formation (CIF)
  4. Information is available on the ASUNAA website at
  5. Once it has been decided that you are ready to commit to forming a chapter, then a “Chapter-in Formation” Declaration has to be completed.
  6. Complete packet must be mailed to:
    1000 ASU Drive-P.O. Box 899
    Alcorn State, MS 39096-7500

ASUNAA "Chapter-In-Formation" Declaration

MM slash DD slash YYYY

The following individual *ASUNAA members have agreed to work together for the next six (6) to twelve (12) months to develop a local chapter of the ASUNAA in the geographic areas loosely defined as: (Insert state, counties, cities, parishes etc. to define the location of the chapter)

Enter one name per field. Click the plus button at the end of the row to add additional names.

*All of the above named persons must be paid members of ASUNAA as of date of Declaration

The following individual will be the ASUNAA Chapter's Committee "Chapter-in Formation" contact person:

Preferred Method of Contact:

Letter of Application for Chapter Charter

MM slash DD slash YYYY

This application contains all the necessary forms needed to apply for a Charter as a Local Chapter. This checklist has been provided to help complete the process. Check off each item upon completion. The completed chapter application will be reviewed by the Executive Secretary for accuracy and completion. If all is in order, the Chapter Application will be submitted to the ASUNAA executive committee for Charter approval. Once approved by the executive committee, the charter will be awarded at the next annual mid-winter conference.

  • Letter of Application for Chapter Charter: This form must be dated and signed by all officers.
  • Roster of Elected Officers: Elections may take place as soon as the group has agreed to work together to form a chapter.
  • Roster of ASUNAA Members: A minimum of five (5) active members of ASUNAA are required to apply for a charter as a local chapter. The ASUNAA national office will verify membership. List all members. This form may be duplicated to accommodate all members. The president and secretary must sign and date this form.
  • Letter of Agreement: This must be dated and signed by the chapter president and chapter secretary.
  • Meeting Minutes (two (2) Meetings): Minutes should be completed for each meeting during the formation process. A minimum of two (2) meetings with completed minutes should be included in this packet.
  • Chapter Bylaws: Submit a sample copy of your Chapter Bylaws. In general, keep the bylaws brief and simple. As the chapter grows and develops, incorporating flexibility into the bylaws will help reduce the amount of work needed to revise the bylaws.
  • Include application processing fee: Make check or money order payable to ASUNAA

Letter of Application for Chapter Charter

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Enclosed are three (3) copies of the completed “Local Chapter Charter Application Packet.” We agree to operate and conduct chapter affairs in compliance with the constitution and bylaws of the ASUNAA.

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      Roster of Local Chapter Officers

      President Address:
      Vice President Address
      Secretary Name
      Secretary Address
      Treasurer Name
      Treasurer Address

      The following are active members of the ASUNAA and the chapter-information. ( A minimum of five (5) active members are required for chapter charter.)

      Roster of Local Chapter Members

      List Chapter Members