Securus Technologies on the Hunt with Police Officers

When there is trouble in the city and they need the best the police force to take care of business, my team of fugitive hunters gets the call. While the police can tend to their duties, we have the ability to focus on one person and take swift action. This month we were notified of a fugitive who had stabbed a couple at a party and was about to flee the country, so we had hours to act.


When you get the word a fugitive is looking to flee your country, you want to do everything possible to catch him because he could virtually blend into that other population for years. We knew time was an issue, so we headed to the local jail to collect some key evidence. Since time was an issue and we knew there was no chance of getting help from his family or friends, we had to see if the inmates had any information that we could draw out of them.


The way we would get that information was though the Securus Technologies inmate call system. This monitoring system has the ability to listen to all the phone calls the prisoners make, isolating key conversations based on the verbiage we are looking for. The first part of my plan was to let the inmates know we were there looking for information on the fugitive. We wanted to tip our hand a little and let them know we had information and just needed some more to close this case. We knew that the inmates would be running to the phones as soon as we finished our interviews.


Like clockwork, the inmates did start making calls, one in particular talking about our suspect and how he should stay hidden another few days because of our team hunting him.


Securus keeps rates low, making both prisons and inmates happy

Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s leading providers of prison communication services. Operating for well over 10 years, Securus has been a leading innovator in prison communications technology. It has rolled out a series of highly successful products, including its video visitation solution, as well as serious investigatory tools for corrections officers, to help keep order within the prisons that they guard.


But one of the company’s greatest victories has been its ability to deliver strong value to both inmates and the prisons in which it operates. Take for example the state of Louisiana, one of Securus’ largest markets. In that state, the average commission that Securus pays back to the prisons in which it is operating totals almost 70 percent. This means that for every dollar in revenue spent on inmates to make outgoing phone calls, the prisons that Securus has partnered with get to keep $0.70. This is a fantastic deal for the prisons, providing a large source of revenue that otherwise would not be present.


Securus has done what many would deem to be nearly impossible. Through its highly efficient calling systems and large economies of scale, Securus has managed to keep its average cost to inmates within the state of Louisiana down to just 15 cents per minute. At these low rates, inmates are able to stay in nearly constant communication with loved ones and family members on the outside. This has large benefits not only for the inmates themselves, but also for the family members, including the young children of incarcerated fathers.


This is just one example of the strong value that Securus delivers to its diverse base of clients. In keeping inmates connected with family, Securus is helping to create a safer prison environment and, ultimately, a better country.

Prison Guards Have Extended Gratitude Towards Securus Technologies

Prison guards are using products produced by Securus Technologies to prevent crimes from happening behind the prison walls. With Securus Technologies accurate background check system, prison guards are preventing visitors with criminal records from entering the facility. Prisons guards recently stated that this service provided by Securus Technologies has made crime in prison drop immensely.

Previously, many systems could not pick up criminal records from other states. Visitors with criminal records were visiting inmates. Some even tried to bring inmates drugs and other sorts of contraband. Prisons guards from all over the Unites States give many thanks to Securus Technologies for its background check system. The system obtains information going all the way back to a person’s youth. It is the only system of its kind.


Another reason prison guards are applauding Securus Technologies is due to the surveillance system it provides within prisons. The cameras capture both audio and video surveillance, and they never stop running. Moreover, prison guards can search certain time down to the millisecond in order to watch a specific incident. These guards no longer have to sit through hours of useless surveillance footage.


Prison guards also claim their lives are a lot safer since using Securus Technologies services. One of the main services that make prison guards feel safe is the voice monitoring system. If a prison guard is in trouble, all he/she has to do is scream for help. The voice monitoring system will alert all other guards and will signal exactly where the scream is coming from. In prisons where this voice monitoring function is installed, violent acts against prison guards have gone down by 70%.

Prison guards want to work with Securus Technologies more, and they are excited about future products Securus will come out with to make crime in jails go down even more.



Technology Leader Securus Technologies Corrects GTL’s Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies is a leading company as far as communication in correction facilities is concerned. The company has availed several services to prisons that range from monitoring, safety to investigations. Securus has been in the headlines for correcting information released by GTL. Global Tel Technologies published information through a press release. Securus Technologies have revealed the information as false, misleading, and illogical. Global Tel Link made a press statement concerning various patents. Securus Technologies came out to provide clarification on the information and to correct the claims.


Securus Technologies insisted that Global Tel Link knows that patents and litigation take years and millions of dollars to pursue. The lawsuit approach undertaken by GTL is thus questionable. One can wonder if the approach is in the best interest of the company. Securus Technologies has determined to defend themselves from any allegations made by GTL. Securus Technologies has advised GTL to stop picking fights with other companies. As an alternative, the company should strive to gain more patents and licenses. Securus Technologies revealed that GTL had only 51 patents while Securus had 150 patents.


During the press release, Richard Smith expressed his love for the correction industry. He stated that he has enjoyed working with the correction facility community. However, he was offended by companies like GTL which strive to ruin other company’s reputation just to get ahead of the competition. He insisted that instead of publishing false information everywhere, the company should air out their differences in a meeting. GTL acted below the integrity line when it decided to release false information. Rick Smith stated the Securus Technologies is out there to make profits. However, the company puts its customers above the company’s interests. GTL has been caught in several misconducts in the past. The company stated that it would release misconducts released by the firm.


A Welcomed Entity – Securus Technologies

BICSI Installer 1 Certification from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International was issued to Securus Technologies specialists recently. Securus Technologies is giving extreme accolades to their 11 specialists that received the certification. In the future, Securus Technologies will do more work with the BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International company, and increase both their presences in their industries.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies creates the technology that the justice system uses for both criminal and civil needs. They have the abilities to create corrections and monitoring, as well as other equipment to assist in the public safety. Securus Technologies performs work in North America, but is known all over the world for their exceptional abilities.

BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International

BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is a leader in their industry, and operates in almost 100 countries. They use a selection of training and certifications to make companies in the information and communication technology field operate better. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International has acquired quite a following, and will continue to do well in the future. With BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International leading the way, there will be great strides made in the field. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International moves into the future knowing that they can do even better, and create more of a presence and stir than ever before.

For the company, Securus Technologies there seems to be no end to their accomplishments.  Securus Technologies has increased their lead in their industry, making them a real source for information and technology. The future continues to look fantastic for the company, Securus Technologies, with increased notoriety and important accolades.