Cotemar: Silently Revolutionizing a New Era in Mexican Oil Industry

The decision by the Mexican government to award a tender for oil exploration and rigging in Veracruz to Servicios de Extracción Petrolera Lifting de México, a subsidiary of Cotemar, is unprecedented. The 2016 decision marked yet another important milestone in the checkered history of Cotemar. It was a culmination of close to four decades of excellent delivery of services in the Mexican offshore oil drilling sector. As one of the pioneers of offshore services provider in Mexico, Cotemar has carved out a name for itself through excellent service delivery using high-end technologies. However, since its founding in 1979 it had operated directly in oil drilling and exploration. This is due to the government restrictions that bar privately-owned companies from winning such tenders. Therefore, Cotemar’s role in the Mexican oil industry did not extend beyond provision of support services for government-owned oil companies. The company thrived in the seemingly confined operating environment by incorporating advanced technologies to meet the demands of its clients.


Excellent Service Delivery


After several years of playing the supporting role in the Mexican oil industry, Cotemar is fully prepared to play an active role in oil exploration in the country. The privately-owned company has the resources and technology to stake its claim as a fully-fledged operator in the industry. As an experienced industry player, Cotemar has amassed unrivalled arsenal of technology and high-end equipments including cranes and boats. The company also has numerous specialized vessels and diving equipments, which usually rented out to oil exploration and rigging companies. However, the new dawn in Mexican oil industry will now allow the company to not only rent them out but also use them.


Cotemar’s scope of operation extends beyond renting out high-end oil exploration and rigging equipment. The company’s pioneer services included provision of accommodation, food and transport services for the numerous oil rig workers. These services have formed the core of the company’s operations to date. To date, Cotemar is one of the leading providers of these vital support services in the Mexican oil industry.


Suave Management and Sustainable Operations


Over the past four decades, Cotemar has refined its human resource management policies with the view of ensuring that it not only attracts the best talents in the industry but also retain them. The company has adopted a comprehensive welfare policy in human resource management where it takes care of the employees and their families. Additionally, the employees are regularly trained on emerging technologies while also being reacquainted with existing technologies. Cotemar also works with and supports the local communities through its excellent corporate social responsibility programs aimed at sustainable environment use.


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