Daniel Taub Visits Bradford To Negate George Galloway’s Negative Speech

The Israeli Ambassador to Britain is Daniel Taub and after George Galloway used a speech to declare the city of Bradford an Israel free zone he made a visit to the area. Daniel Taub stated he was visiting the city due to the communities invitations and planned to have numerous meetings with faith leaders, councilors, and assorted groups.

The invitation he received from the community was due to George Galloway stating the city should refuse any academics, services, goods, and tourists from Israel. When Daniel Taub arrived he found the attitudes of the citizens of Bradford did not reflect the opinions of George Galloway.

When Taub spoke to the Telegraph & Argus he stated that even with the shortness of his visit he believed the city’s voice was a reflection of inclusion and not the sentiment of George Galloway. He spoke of the importance of individuals of all different backgrounds and faiths living and working in cooperation with each other.

An investigation by the British police has been launched to investigate George Galloway and his speech after an online post revealed the outcry coming from social media. In his speech George Galloway came right out and said Bradford is officially an Israel free zone and that no Israeli services are wanted.

He said colleges and universities will not accept any Israeli academics and that any tourists from Israel are not wanted in the city of Bradford. He finished by adding the city is rejecting people from the savage, barbarous, and illegal state of Israel. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | About

According to Daniel Taub the message for George Galloway is that the real conflict in the region is not about left or right or even Sunni and Shia but about what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. He does not want to see the past repeated but hopes all the individuals in the region will have a better future.

There is a lengthy history of anti-Israeli bigotry from George Galloway. He was originally called a racist when he refused to participate in a debate after discovering his opponent was Israeli.

He has spoken of numerous conspiracy theories regarding Israel including the unrest in the Ukraine being engineered by Israel and that Al-Qaeda has received chemical weapons from Israel. Although these comments wee recorded he later denied he had made them.

The security for Daniel Taub’s visit was tight but he came because the people of Bradford wanted him to know they are not represented by George Galloway. Due to the cooperation of Israel and Bradford in the past he did not believe the city was in agreement with the words of the speech.

A video was later released by pro-Israel activists showing their infiltration of Bradford to negate George Galloway’s speech.