Lori Senecal Takes Life By The Throat

Having attended the McGill University where she worked hard and long with dedication and an unquenchable passion to earn her Bachelor of Commerce (also known as the BCom) in the area of Marketing and Finance before going on to start up her professional career as one of the co founders of the company McCann Erickson back in the year of 2003 in the month of February,Lori Senecal has through out the years managed to become one of the tallest giants within her profession. Moving on quickly to become the Global Chief Innovative Officer over the McCann Worldgroup in the February of 2006 where she stayed for one year and six months before moving up again to become the company’s President over McCann NY from the July of 2007 through until the September of 2009 when she left the company to pursue another great business endeavor when she joined the team at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners where she took on the role as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President in the September of 2009 according to her crunchbase account. Staying there for two years and seven months before also taking on the position as the company’s Chairman before leaving in September of 2014 when she decided it was time to move on yet again when she took on the position of becoming the President as well ass the Chief Executive Officer over the company MDC Partners where she stayed for seven months before moving along to go back to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners to become the company’s Global Executive Chairman for another seven months of her career from the September of 2014 up until March of the following year and then later becoming the Global Chief Executive Officer over another company that goes by the name of CP+B which she started work at shortly upon leaving Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners in March of 2014 where she continues to work today after two years of dedicating her time to the company. Living and working out of the Greater New York City Area, Lori Senecal has devoted much of her time to becoming well established in her field and has since managed to successfully gain world wide notoriety for her exceptionally illustrious career thanks to her never failing devotion and passion to her skills and craft as well as making sure to always treat clients of hers with the utmost of respect possible.

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