EOS Does Lip Balm The Right Way

EOS is the lip balm company (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) that totally took over the lip balm industry. The creators of EOS realized that the market had been saturated with the same product for over one hundred years. Chapstick had set the tone for the lip balm model, and the majority of other lip balm companies just followed suit. EOS wanted to become an industry leader, and they wanted to make a lip balm that was just for woman. The creators of EOS knew that women had specific needs when it came to what they wanted in a lip balm, so they got in contact with women through surveys. The creators of EOS asked these different women from around the country to identify the things that they wanted in a lip balm. The creators of EOS lip balm wanted to know the things that the lip balm industry was missing, and they wanted to implement those changes in their product.

EOS lip balms come in small sphere like containers because the EOS creators found that women like their lip balm to be well identified and soft in their purse. The creators of EOS made a lip balm that was made with nourishing and organic ingredients because many women wanted to have a product that was organic and good for their lips. EOS also made their lip balms is very affordable because they wanted the average woman to be able to enjoy their lip balm.

The EOS creators wanted to make sure that their lip balm was put onto the market, so they got in contact with some famous you-tubers and Facebook beauty bloggers. EOS sent them samples of their product, and they loved them. These women were able to give testament as to the superiority of EOS’s lip balms, and that was a great marketing tool. EOS is now the leader when it comes to women’s lip balms because they set out to give their clients what they wanted.