Arpaio Decision is Undemocratic: Lacey and Larkin advocate better proceedings

The recent decision of Donald Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio has resulted in some of the most deplorable actions to go unpunished. Arpaio has been the sheriff of Maricopa County for more than twenty years and created hardship for migrant workers and immigrants throughout his career.

With the use of a selective police force that carries out his personal missions it is clear that Arpaio has not been able to operate within the parameters of the law even though he has maintained the position of sheriff for sometime.

Arpaio has been an important figure due to his prominence among immigrant and migrant populations. Numerous families have been destroyed as individuals are held captive or otherwise captive by the selective task force.

Some detainees were kept in ‘tent city’, a phenomenon that gained national attention in recent years. Arpaio has a long resume of horrible actions and crimes committed against non-nationals in the state of Arizona.

He has targeted businesses and organizations that are known to employ or work with illegal immigrants. The results have been incredibly harmful based on recent themes.Nevertheless it is clear that the deplorable actions of this individual and those under his command will go unnoticed and unaddressed in years to come. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

For social rights supporters Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey it is clear that there are a lot of reasons that this is not correct. Despite being responsible for countless wrongful deaths, Arpaio will not have to face any consequences or jail time.

His affiliation with Donald Trump is the main reason that this decision has been maintained. Overall it is evident that there are a lot of problems with the legal system, as corrupt decision making is not in favor of the people.

Since the crimes of Arpaio have stemmed from his fundamentally discriminatory practices it is surprising that he does not have to pay dues to society.

The ‘hand in hand’ nature of these actions have led to the decision of Donald Trump. Some propose that the decision was made based on the steadfast support that he received from Arpaio early in the election process.

Arpaio has held people captive, targeted businesses wrongfully, and even been responsible for the closure of numerous businesses and social services over the years. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

He has been known to attract significant political attention in the media based on his disdainful actions and consistent disregard for human rights. Chaining pregnant women to metal tables during birthing is one of the most harmful conditions that has gained acclaim due to journalistic reports.

Arpaio also has a history of being disdainful towards reporters. He had requested that the New York Times stop publishing articles about him at one point. He also was responsible for holding Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey captive wrongfully.

This was due to their presentation of facts that were relevant to a grand jury trial. After being held hostage, the two filed a law suit and used the earnings to establish the Frontera Fund. Fighting for civil liberties continues to be their theme as they advocate for better democratic practices.

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