Prison Guards Have Extended Gratitude Towards Securus Technologies

Prison guards are using products produced by Securus Technologies to prevent crimes from happening behind the prison walls. With Securus Technologies accurate background check system, prison guards are preventing visitors with criminal records from entering the facility. Prisons guards recently stated that this service provided by Securus Technologies has made crime in prison drop immensely.

Previously, many systems could not pick up criminal records from other states. Visitors with criminal records were visiting inmates. Some even tried to bring inmates drugs and other sorts of contraband. Prisons guards from all over the Unites States give many thanks to Securus Technologies for its background check system. The system obtains information going all the way back to a person’s youth. It is the only system of its kind.


Another reason prison guards are applauding Securus Technologies is due to the surveillance system it provides within prisons. The cameras capture both audio and video surveillance, and they never stop running. Moreover, prison guards can search certain time down to the millisecond in order to watch a specific incident. These guards no longer have to sit through hours of useless surveillance footage.


Prison guards also claim their lives are a lot safer since using Securus Technologies services. One of the main services that make prison guards feel safe is the voice monitoring system. If a prison guard is in trouble, all he/she has to do is scream for help. The voice monitoring system will alert all other guards and will signal exactly where the scream is coming from. In prisons where this voice monitoring function is installed, violent acts against prison guards have gone down by 70%.

Prison guards want to work with Securus Technologies more, and they are excited about future products Securus will come out with to make crime in jails go down even more.



One thought on “Prison Guards Have Extended Gratitude Towards Securus Technologies”

  1. I tried to imagine how the prison would have been without the services of Securus Technologies which I think, has changed for the better. What has really changed with how to meditate properly the crime rate at the corrections facilities have dropped drastically. I personally attribute this reduction to the introduction of accurate background check system from Securus.

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