Kim Dao Shows Sunnydahye Around Tokyo

YouTubers Kim Dao and Sunnydahye often get together to do vlog videos. While many of Kim Dao’s vlogs with Sunny take place in South Korea, in one recent vlog Kim Dao actually shows Sunny around Tokyo. This video is called “SUNNY is back in JAPAN! | First Day in Tokyo | Shibuya” and it’s posted on Kim Dao’s vlog page.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao tells us that she’s at Narita International Airport to pick up Sunny. She says Sunny will be staying in Japan for two weeks and she promises to vlog as often as possible.


First off, Kim Dao and Sunny get something to eat at a nearby restaurant. Kim Dao orders a water-cooked Hakata-chicken’s set.


Once Kim Dao and Sunny get back to Kim’s place, they both rest for a bit and then get ready to go out to Shibuya. When they both get to Shibuya, they decide to go shopping at the mall Shibuya109. The first thing Kim Dao notices in Shibuya109 is that a new Étude House opening up. They both take a look at various clothes and, of course, Pokémon toys.


After a few hours of shopping, Kim Dao and Sunny plan to meet with some more friends and eat at a sushi restaurant. Kim Dao orders an egg pudding with chicken and mushroom. Later on, Kim Dao also orders avocado sushi.


Near the end of the video, Kim and some more friends go shopping for makeup. Then they all go to Krispy Kreme eat some delicious donuts.


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Samuel Strauch: A Real Estate Agent with an Investing DNA

Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate agent in Florida, Miami. He has remarkable background education suitable for his career. He has a degree in Business Administration (B.B.A), International Business at Hofstra University in New York. He has also completed an International Finance and International Marketing course in Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Business course at Harvard University.

He is a successful entrepreneur who started his company: Metrik Real Estate in 2002. His company is a progressive real estate company which integrates a platform of complementary enterprises in equity sourcing, development, management, brokerage and acquisitions of real estate in both South Florida and Latin America.

Strauch’s successful real estate career is mostly due to his forward thinking abilities. He sees an opportunity and immediately ventures into it. For example, he has completed transactions in several areas such as Miami, Hollywood, Margate, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles Beach. With his high level of professionalism, he has been ranked one of the top 16% of agents who sell home fast.

With the government tripling the price per square meter in Miami Beach, Strauch had decided to increase his investments in real estate. Through his broad understanding of the fundamentals of the market, he has made his venture very successful. He understands that with the hiked prices, Miami has been made a business center. Since he has a successful real estate business, he is well aware of some promising business opportunities in Miami.

Apart from been a successful entrepreneur, Samuel Strauch is a social individual. He is an avid photographer, cyclist and enjoys meditation. He also believes in equality: he advocates for equal opportunities to everyone in the society. He says that we are multi-dimensional beings in the sense that we have several aspects to our lives and we should not limit ourselves to only one thing.



Prison Guards Have Extended Gratitude Towards Securus Technologies

Prison guards are using products produced by Securus Technologies to prevent crimes from happening behind the prison walls. With Securus Technologies accurate background check system, prison guards are preventing visitors with criminal records from entering the facility. Prisons guards recently stated that this service provided by Securus Technologies has made crime in prison drop immensely.

Previously, many systems could not pick up criminal records from other states. Visitors with criminal records were visiting inmates. Some even tried to bring inmates drugs and other sorts of contraband. Prisons guards from all over the Unites States give many thanks to Securus Technologies for its background check system. The system obtains information going all the way back to a person’s youth. It is the only system of its kind.


Another reason prison guards are applauding Securus Technologies is due to the surveillance system it provides within prisons. The cameras capture both audio and video surveillance, and they never stop running. Moreover, prison guards can search certain time down to the millisecond in order to watch a specific incident. These guards no longer have to sit through hours of useless surveillance footage.


Prison guards also claim their lives are a lot safer since using Securus Technologies services. One of the main services that make prison guards feel safe is the voice monitoring system. If a prison guard is in trouble, all he/she has to do is scream for help. The voice monitoring system will alert all other guards and will signal exactly where the scream is coming from. In prisons where this voice monitoring function is installed, violent acts against prison guards have gone down by 70%.

Prison guards want to work with Securus Technologies more, and they are excited about future products Securus will come out with to make crime in jails go down even more.



Mogul Arthur Becker Decides to Invest and Develop a Condominium Project in Tribeca

Arthur Becker has contributed money to projects like Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern, and Robert Gladstone. However, he wants to participate in a condominium project called 465 Washington Street based in Tribeca. The project consists an eight-unit building, as well as a sellout of $52.5 million. Becker cited that he bought the condominium as a primer and because he liked that section of Tribeca, which was easier to manage.

465 Washington Street

465 Washington Street will involve seven apartments and a single penthouse duplex that ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. Further, the cost will be between $2,200 to 3,200 per square foot. Moreover, the penthouse will cost between $5 million and $14 million.

In 2012, Arthur Becker bought 465 Washington Street from Peter Moore for $6.1 million. Becker purchased development rights from 471 Washington, a nearby building, to expand the five-story building to ten stories. He also paid the Ponte family more than $1 million to get a 30-foot easement.

Other Involvements of Arthur Becker

Becker invested in many New York City projects that amount to $550 million. Further, he has an outstanding reputation as a financial backer in Property Markets Group and JDS Development Group. Becker was also a financial backer of the condominium development of PMG and Madison Equities at 10 Sullivan Street. He exchanged his shares to assume ownership of the three neighboring townhouses at 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan.

Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the Managing Member of an investment firm that deals with real estate and early stage Bio Tech Ventures called Madison Partners LLC. Before that, Becker was the Chairman and chief executive officer of Zinio, LLC.

According to NY Daily News, before joining Zinio, he served as the CEO of NaviSite, a firm that offers Internet technology services. NaviSite has offices in the United States, India, and the United Kingdom. Arthur also worked at Vera Wang Fashion Company where he served as a senior advisor. Arthur studied at Bennington College where he earned a degree in Arts. Further, he specialized in ceramics and photography. Becker also attended Amos Tuck School of Business.

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Fast Company Gets the Inside Scoop on the Story Behind EOS’ Major Success

The colorful and fashionable EOS lip balm capsules have taken the world by storm in recent years. Only a decade ago, lip balm was regarded as an archaic hygienic product. The Evolution of Smooth has started a revolution within the lip balm market to make these products more appealing and fashionable. The team at EOS decided to remain silent during the first years of business in an effort to remain focused on product development, placement and marketing. After growing EOS into the second best-selling lip balm company in the United States, founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller conducted an interview with Fast Company to reveal the story behind their success.

The inspiration for the orb-shaped design of EOS lip balm actually came from the work of a clay artist who the team hired for ideas. Furthermore, EOS designed their product to appeal to all five senses. The most important aspect for Mehra and Teller was to create a lip balm product that women would enjoy using. Instead of trying to create a product that appealed to both men and women, EOS decided to focus primarily on females. This decision was made after a careful analysis of sales data revealed that women comprised a majority of lip balm purchases.

After positive consumer reactions, several other major retailers such as Target and Walmart began to carry EOS lip balm. Mehra and Teller decided to purchase a manufacturing facility in order to keep up with the increase in product orders. To raise awareness about their new product, EOS began a marketing campaign. EOS contacted beauty bloggers and celebrities who were relevant to their target demographic.  Visit the website to learn more.

Brian Bonar’s Accomplishments in the Finance World

Brian Bonar is a highly respected specialist in the investment and finance industries. He currently works for Trucept, Inc. as its chairperson and chief executive officer. Mr. Bonar has served various organizations as a finance specialist, and this has enabled him to gain adequate skills and experience in the sector. He is an alumnus of the James Watt Technical College where was awarded a mechanical engineering degree and he also holds a master’s in mechanical engineering.

Brian kicked off his profession by working for IBM. He was the company’s procurement manager for approximately 16 years. Brian left the firm and was hired by corporations such as Adaptec, Rastek Corporation, and QSM.

In 1994, Brian Bonar decided to start venturing into entrepreneurship. He founded Bezier Systems and acted as is CEO. His leadership at the firm was outstanding. Mr. Bonar assisted the company to create its first SCSI-based printer. He later left the enterprise to work for Itec Imaging Technology. Brian served as the company’s deputy president for sales and marketing.

He also worked as the Allegiant Professional Business Services’ president. Bonar worked at the firm for a few years and then founded an enterprise that was called AMS Outsourcing. He played a significant part in the administration of the business.

Besides working as an administrator at Trucept, Brian has been hired by Dalrada Financial Service to act as the president and CEO. He has led the firm since 1999. The company is known for delivering top-notch financial services to its clients.

Bonar has been assisting in managing its business strategies and sales. Trucept has been operational since 2011, and his primary role in the enterprise is to supervise human resource management undertakings.

Brian Bonar has excellent knowledge of merger and acquisitions. He has accomplished a lot in the field due to his innovative nature and the ability to address matters in a friendly manner. Learn more about Viajay Eswaran:

Brian has excellent leadership skills, and he has always been dedicated to working with project associates, business partners, and customers. He has invested in fields such as aviation, retail, multi-family, and commercial housing projects. His expertise has been helpful to various projects and teams.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar is a hard working individual, and therefore, his career has been successful. He has won awards such as The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year Award in Finance, which was offered to him in 2010. The honor is dedicated to recognizing the outstanding performance of professionals in the finance sector.

Individuals who qualify to be accepted should have excellent academic accomplishments, leadership abilities, and must have achieved a lot in their career. Brian Bonar recently opened a hotel that is known as Bellamy’s Restaurant. It has gained popularity in California due to the excellent cuisine that it offers.

Lori Senecal Takes Life By The Throat

Having attended the McGill University where she worked hard and long with dedication and an unquenchable passion to earn her Bachelor of Commerce (also known as the BCom) in the area of Marketing and Finance before going on to start up her professional career as one of the co founders of the company McCann Erickson back in the year of 2003 in the month of February,Lori Senecal has through out the years managed to become one of the tallest giants within her profession. Moving on quickly to become the Global Chief Innovative Officer over the McCann Worldgroup in the February of 2006 where she stayed for one year and six months before moving up again to become the company’s President over McCann NY from the July of 2007 through until the September of 2009 when she left the company to pursue another great business endeavor when she joined the team at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners where she took on the role as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President in the September of 2009 according to her crunchbase account. Staying there for two years and seven months before also taking on the position as the company’s Chairman before leaving in September of 2014 when she decided it was time to move on yet again when she took on the position of becoming the President as well ass the Chief Executive Officer over the company MDC Partners where she stayed for seven months before moving along to go back to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners to become the company’s Global Executive Chairman for another seven months of her career from the September of 2014 up until March of the following year and then later becoming the Global Chief Executive Officer over another company that goes by the name of CP+B which she started work at shortly upon leaving Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners in March of 2014 where she continues to work today after two years of dedicating her time to the company. Living and working out of the Greater New York City Area, Lori Senecal has devoted much of her time to becoming well established in her field and has since managed to successfully gain world wide notoriety for her exceptionally illustrious career thanks to her never failing devotion and passion to her skills and craft as well as making sure to always treat clients of hers with the utmost of respect possible.

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