Anthony Petrello: Revolutionizing the Drilling Industry

The American business man known as Tony Petrello is the leading face behind Nabors Industries LTD. Originally stepping into his position in 1991, Anthony has managed to lead Nabors into a successfully established company. Becoming one of the top 500 publicly traded companies in the NYSE, Nabors Industries LTD has since grown to establish itself as a globally recognized name and brand. Under the guidance of Anthony Petrello, Nabors is constantly expanding and venturing into positive business avenues.

With assistance from other well experienced members, Anthony Petrello helped propell Nabors from a penny stock company into one of the most lucrative and innovative companies established.

Operating as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries LTD, Anthony is in charge of the most vital decision-making aspects of the company. Dedicated on securing contracts and providing professionalism on to an already established company, Anthony helped Nabors earn over 10 million dollars last year alone.

The company uses innovative and unique drilling operations to assist other businesses. Known as the largest land based drilling rig fleet on, Nabors Industries LTD is the largest provider of both onshore and offshore drilling rigs in America. The company offers an abundance of drill related services for its partners.

Nabors provide directional drilling services, a host of drilling tools and a variety of technology based services for gas and oil drilling companies at The company helps create an manufacture drilling equipment as well as drilling related software.

This expanding company is currently operating over 40 different off shore rigs in America and the Gulf Coast. Using well trained and highly experienced workers, Nabors Industries LTD has developed a series of rigs that can withstand high wind speeds and dangerous physical damage associated with drilling.

Single handedly revolutionizing the drilling industry, Nabors Industries LTD is a pioneering company on As Anthony Petrello and other specialist create a bigger platform for the company, Nabors Industries LTD is expected to provide the most sophisticated rigs and drilling equipment designed.

The software developed by Nabors Industries LTD was created to provide a safe and efficient drilling operation. Capable of controlling most rigs, the technological software designed by Nabors increases the efficiency and rate of penetration amongst the drilling rigs. The software is used to effectively control and monitor automated rigs.

Leading the industry with its innovative creations and unmatched services, Nabors Industries LTD is is highly ranked among global business. Anthony continues to push the company and gradually help it excels above its competitors. The businessman is laying the groundwork for drilling companies and trail blazing a path for the future.

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