Josh Verne Advises Entrepreneurs on How to Stand Out and Excel in their Ventures

Josh Verne encourages business owners to strive to incorporate aspects of exceptional leadership in their ventures. Josh Verne believes that there is a difference between a leader and a boss in management. A boss aims at accomplishing his goals, demanding respect, and doing things according to his interest. On the contrary, a leader strives to serve others first before attending to his matters. He receives respect for his leadership. Leaders usually run successful businesses. As a business owner, you should focus on selling products and services that suit people’s demands.


Verne also urges entrepreneurs to be winners in everything they do. He advises them always to settle for win-win situations because wins translate to a win for clients and employees. An enterprise should be operated by someone who speaks less and listens more. By listening more, you will understand the needs of your customers.


According to Verne, passion drives success in entrepreneurship. If you want to excel and make profits, pursue an exciting idea. Draw inspiration from everything around you as you actualize your ideas. Invest in something that you understand well. Entrepreneurship is all about growing. It does not deal with competition. Strive to be different and avoid copying what other businesspeople are doing.


Josh Verne


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Josh Verne is a businessperson of American decent. He is renowned for his Company. Through the company, he managed to gather over $30,000. Before coming up with the company, Verne worked for Home Line Furniture as the co-president. He also combined efforts with Jon Dorfman to come up with in 2012. The Internet start-up was acquired two years later by Global Analytics Holding.


  1. was founded for college students who are enthusiastic about online brands. The company gathers information about life in campus and publishes opinions submitted by college students and alumni. For instance, the website once featured a video themed on the most important thing people should know about campus life. is also a marketing platform where advertisers can showcase their brands to students. Verne founded the company in 2016. He currently run’s the company’s operations as the chief executive officer. Verne’s website also specializes in marketing partnerships, e-Commerce, and personalized content. He is an active supporter of New York-based Ainsworth, a foundation that specializes in pediatric cancer treatment.


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