Miami Socialites Are Treated To a Fun-Filled Event by Danilo Diaz Granados


Miami socialites were treated to an unforgettable extravaganza by none other than Danilo Diaz Granados. The TOYS for BOYS’ co-founder hosted the event with the aid of several sponsors. Guests were treated to several captivating activities. The entrepreneur is known for his remarkable experience in hosting influential personalities and companies.

The event was hosted for the sole purpose of providing a once in a lifetime experience to guest. In addition, the festival served as the right occasion to unveil exclusive centers that focused on male fashion.

Key Activities of the Day

To kick start the ceremony, distinguished guests were treated to a sumptuous breakfast at the One Thousand Museum sales center. While on location, visitors were given a screening of new residential buildings in uptown Miami. Several clients have placed bids to purchase luxurious apartments before completion. Such an event is aimed at connecting personalities with fine art, cuisine and unmatched entertainment.

The businessman accompanied his guests on a 30 minute helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track. Each individual was provided with a rare opportunity to test drive race cars.

A beautiful sunset boat ride in the bay was enough to wrap up events of the day. It took the collaborative effort of several wealthy individuals and firms to pull off an event of such magnitude. Firms such as the Air Commander Aerospace and Van Dutch Americas are credited for their immense contribution to the success of the event.

Up Close with Danilo Diaz Granados

The self-made businessman is a perfect example of dedication and commitment to excellence. He is an Economics and Entrepreneurship degree holder from Babson College. Danilo Diaz Granados focused on providing luxury items to the Latino community. The Latino needed exclusive jewelry, fine watches and excellent art to create a sense of pride and belonging.

Danilo Diaz Granados is active in various social media sites. He worked as a manager at Movilway for four years before moving on to form his own company.

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