Taking This Merger One Step Further

Mergers happen often, but not every one of them ends off successful or even in the news. If we hear about the combining of two groups, one often takes over the other. It is almost a misleading title. So yes, saying merger is saying the equivalent of a lot of unhappy people. The reason is because of new management, new money and new objectives.


Which ultimately means that someone or a group of them will lose their jobs. But this isn’t always the case. The rumors are often worse than the reality in these kinds of transactions. That’s why the CEO of Madison Street Capital only recently released the events occurring behind closed doors. Which was a brilliant move on his part.


The result of this strategy is simply success, and we can all see it clearly.


Charles Botchway decided that he was to keep things quiet and with good reason. The fears involved with this financial development can lead a great deal of the people, who are employed by a business, to become irrational. They often do also. When the media takes those same sentiments, then the negative potentials can’t be contained.


Yet, not only was Madison Street Capital reputation secured during the deal, only great news came as a result of the transaction. Both sides of the merger include tech groups who only stand to benefit by combining their specialities and their resources. The companies are The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value.


Neither group saw a downside to the merger, and that’s a rare situation in most cases. The steps of a complete acquisition is often a choir for any of the entities involved. But this merger was a “lucky one that got away.” In hindsight, the reason for the smooth transition is clear. Madison Street Capital was involved.


Take one quick look at the long track record of the firm, and it’s no secret who they are and what they do. Jay Rogers of MSC specifically brought the deal to a conclusion and its successful status. He worked diligently as project manager and followed through with what the financial industry knows as MSC ethics.


The firm is known for its work ethic and its ability to work constantly around the clock. By doing so, the firm reaches far into the international markets where its brand expands far beyond others who do investment banking.


For more information, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.


Mike Heiligenstein Looks At Mobility Solutions

Mike Heiligenstein is the American Statesman who insists that traffic congestion is going to increase in Austin. This is why our community has to look for a tech solution in order to resolve this issue. He says that multiple resources are required in order to address these traffic woes. This is exactly what the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is doing.

Mike Heiligenstein states that they are aiming at building all kinds of innovative mobility solutions. This may not be a road every time.

He further states that this is not a private company. Rather, it is a local organization. It will be accountable to the people who belong to the Travis and Williamson counties.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein further talks about the mission of his Mobility Authority. They are always focused on innovation. He also talks about the MoPac Express Lanes being built by them. They will have variable tolling. This would require the use of sophisticated technology so that traffic flow can be managed.

He states that all should be ready to face the reality that traffic congestion cannot be eliminates entirely. But the MoPac footprint can help to add some amount of predictability leading to a reliable commute.

These variable tolling rates will help to synchronize supply and demand as the flow of traffic become predictable. They are going to ensure that the Express Lane is always moving even is the other lanes are facing traffic congestion during the rush hour.

Mike Heiligenstein believes in integrating technology solutions in all his future projects. This is why fiber lines will get embedded along the 183 South Project. This is going to be built between US 290 and the Airport.

They have partnered with Metropia in order to create a mobile traffic app. This is going to get integrated with the traffic monitoring system of CTRMA. It will be able to provide real-time information so that alternative routes can be suggested for commuters. They are also working with Carma which is a carpooling app. This is aimed at commuters encouraging them to share their rides.

There is a large percentage of drivers who are driving alone in Austin. This leads to nearly 900,000 empty car seats each day. In case some of these seats can be filled up with carpoolers, there can be a major improvement in traffic congestion.

There are a lot of good ideas. Many of these are being implemented by CTRMA.

Securus keeps rates low, making both prisons and inmates happy

Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s leading providers of prison communication services. Operating for well over 10 years, Securus has been a leading innovator in prison communications technology. It has rolled out a series of highly successful products, including its video visitation solution, as well as serious investigatory tools for corrections officers, to help keep order within the prisons that they guard.


But one of the company’s greatest victories has been its ability to deliver strong value to both inmates and the prisons in which it operates. Take for example the state of Louisiana, one of Securus’ largest markets. In that state, the average commission that Securus pays back to the prisons in which it is operating totals almost 70 percent. This means that for every dollar in revenue spent on inmates to make outgoing phone calls, the prisons that Securus has partnered with get to keep $0.70. This is a fantastic deal for the prisons, providing a large source of revenue that otherwise would not be present.


Securus has done what many would deem to be nearly impossible. Through its highly efficient calling systems and large economies of scale, Securus has managed to keep its average cost to inmates within the state of Louisiana down to just 15 cents per minute. At these low rates, inmates are able to stay in nearly constant communication with loved ones and family members on the outside. This has large benefits not only for the inmates themselves, but also for the family members, including the young children of incarcerated fathers.


This is just one example of the strong value that Securus delivers to its diverse base of clients. In keeping inmates connected with family, Securus is helping to create a safer prison environment and, ultimately, a better country.

Futurist Jason Hope Foretells the Impact of Internet of Things in the Airline Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly popular in the day-to-day lives of people. The concept of the wireless connection to almost all gadgets has transformed the way appliances, such as toothbrushes, medical equipment, and cars work. According to an executive officer at Gartner Inc., by 2020, 25 billion items with will be connected. The Bluetooth beacon technology is a central component of the IOT, and it allows people to communicate. This technology is designed to relay and collect information. These beacons are sensor-embedded, portable, and they have attracted the airline industry. According to Jason Hope, the aviation sector is tapping into the IoT industry due to:


Airplanes, such as the Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787s, is connected to the wireless network from the nose to the rudder. This feature enables the plane to relay real-time information. Beacons also monitor the safety items, including the toolboxes and life jackets.

Improving customer service

Most airlines are employing IoT to ease check-ins, enhance personalized travels, and creature comforts. IoT has been able to rectify the tedious procedures of having to log into the airlines’ website to secure boarding passes.

Luggage Management

In the coming years, the beacon technology would be embedded in the luggage tags to monitor them to their final destination.

Monitoring of fuel efficiency

The GE Aviation has already developed a technology that allows weather, navigation routes, terrain conditions, trajectory information to be assembled and analyzed at the fuel efficiency dashboard.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a businessman, futurist, and philanthropist. Hope lives in Arizona, and he has a vested interest in technology, particularly the Internet of Things. He did his degree at the esteemed Arizona State University. Hope has an MBA from the famed ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.Hope is a renowned philanthropist and significantly contributes to the SENS Foundation, an organization that conducts research to provide anti-aging solutions. Hope is passionate about creating a better, longer, and quality life. This love for life is one of the reasons why he supports the SENS Foundation. This organization is also keen on finding cures for conditions, such as lung disease, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease that cause the body to age faster.

Development of Foresite Capital with Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum attended Yale University and got a B.S and B.S.E.E and as well attended to Harvard Medical School and got an M.S. Furthermore he went to Harvard Business School and attained an M.B.A and finally attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and attained MS. Through the effort and commitment he put through in everything enabled him to be made the Advisory boards at Harvard-MIT HST program and as well the Yale’s President Advisory Council. He established Foresite Capital and he has over 25 years of expertise and experience in the sector of healthcare, entrepreneur and investor therefore enabling him to be known all over the world. He also deals with methods of efficient and financial views in order to create approval in the healthcare industry. He as well is the Chief Architect of Foresite Capital Investment Company and his brilliance expertise is significance because it enabled the organization to grow rapidly.

According to Wired, separately from beginning Foresite Capital he is also the co-founder of various biopharmaceuticals organization and as well health care investment practices. After he finished studying from Harvard University in both Medical and Business Schools and getting an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology he began GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ), that introduced two medicine in the market for roughly $80 million. The organization was recognized as one of the top drug manufacturers globally therefore enabling him to sell it for a massive $1.6 billion in the year 1998. He as well was part of the co-founder of Theravance, Inc and acted as the CEO at the company, furthermore he associated Theravance, Inc and Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA), and they both made a total $3.2 billion.

Jim Tananbaum also holds other top position in other companies such as Prospect Venture Partners II and III as a founding partner and as well as Sierra Ventures as a partner and specialized in creating a healthcare services investment planning. He also ensures that he attended to his client’s priority first hence making them come back for more services. Jim Tananbaum goals of starting Foresite Capital were to provide a good investment platform.

EOS Does Lip Balm The Right Way

EOS is the lip balm company (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) that totally took over the lip balm industry. The creators of EOS realized that the market had been saturated with the same product for over one hundred years. Chapstick had set the tone for the lip balm model, and the majority of other lip balm companies just followed suit. EOS wanted to become an industry leader, and they wanted to make a lip balm that was just for woman. The creators of EOS knew that women had specific needs when it came to what they wanted in a lip balm, so they got in contact with women through surveys. The creators of EOS asked these different women from around the country to identify the things that they wanted in a lip balm. The creators of EOS lip balm wanted to know the things that the lip balm industry was missing, and they wanted to implement those changes in their product.

EOS lip balms come in small sphere like containers because the EOS creators found that women like their lip balm to be well identified and soft in their purse. The creators of EOS made a lip balm that was made with nourishing and organic ingredients because many women wanted to have a product that was organic and good for their lips. EOS also made their lip balms is very affordable because they wanted the average woman to be able to enjoy their lip balm.

The EOS creators wanted to make sure that their lip balm was put onto the market, so they got in contact with some famous you-tubers and Facebook beauty bloggers. EOS sent them samples of their product, and they loved them. These women were able to give testament as to the superiority of EOS’s lip balms, and that was a great marketing tool. EOS is now the leader when it comes to women’s lip balms because they set out to give their clients what they wanted.


Finding Lawyers Such As Jeremy Goldstein Online

There is an online service by the New York State Bar Association that allows people to find qualified and reputed lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein.


Any individual who is seeking a lawyer has to go to the website. Here they have to fill up a confidential questionnaire. This will ask them to describe the legal issue for which they require a lawyer. Next, they will have to give their location too so that the portal is able to provide them access to a lawyer in their community or near it.


Now the staff at the State Bar staff will be reviewing this questionnaire. This way they can match the individual with the correct attorney who has an office in the same community or somewhere close by. There are many who may not know about the specialization or expertise of lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein. But filling up a questionnaire like this will provide these people access to such reputed lawyers too.


In case the individual is in one of the 17 counties that have a local lawyer referral service, then the State Bar will be forwarding their request to that county bar association. In both cases, the individual is able to get the right lawyer for their legal issue.


Do note that all these referrals are free of cost. There is a minor fee in case an individual is talking to any referred attorney, for consultation purposes. However, there can be exceptions in case the matter pertains to personal injury or social security. The fees may be excused if it is a case of medical malpractice or military law, or if it pertains to unemployment or compensation of workers. Post this initial consultation; there is no obligation on the individual to retain that lawyer. In case they do retain, then the fee will be decided on a mutual basis.


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A Comprehensive Guide on Avi Weisfogel’s Career and Personal Life

Avi Weisfogel is a well-respected medical practitioner based in New Jersey. For him, business is what you make. Moreover, the medical industry is associated with platform capabilities that are entitled to achieve better business capacity in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. He is one of the most prominent alumni members of the Rutgers University in the United States. He studied Dentistry in this university to become a better business model in the medical field. Avi Weisfogel has led to the development of numerous therapies that can be used to treat sleep apnea. While the medical condition has no known cure, these therapies are so essential to preserve and protect the lives of those suffering from the illness.

Avi Weisfogel also attended the New York Dentistry University in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. When he was still in high school, he worked hard to become the best entity in the medical platform. For this reason, his achievements were geared towards attaining the best business model. For this reason, they ended up waiting for their age-related issues. He graduated with the highest points to grant him entry to the medical training field. For this reason, they ended up waiting for their associated capacity in the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also worked to attain this capacity in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry and resume him.

When he was interviewed in the media, he said that business is calculated in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For over 15 years, he has worked as the principal business entity in the industry. For more than one decade, he has worked to develop more than 100 therapies to treat this medical condition. For this reason, he has combined his experience as a dentist to develop the sleep apnea medical therapies in a manner that depict his leadership in the industry. Before Avi Weisfogel commenced his day, he worked to achieve better business through his excellent service delivery platform. For this reason, his services are adopted on a massive scale in New Jersey and other parts of the country and learn more about Avi.

Whitney Wolfe Creates Color Bumble App In Sea Of Black And White Dating Apps

Bumble is one of the hot new dating apps that women in salons are talking about. This is not a surprise, but it may surprise people to know that men in barber shops are talking about this app that was created by Whitney Wolfe as well.

Bumble shows up as a colorful new app in a world of black and white apps that are boring. Most of these apps look like everything else that is out there. Whitney Wolfe did not want to do the same thing as everyone else. She wanted to make sure that she created the type of app that would get people to start talking. That is exactly what she has done with Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has created an app that serves as a conversation piece in the dating app world. Singles are impressed with what this app has to offer, and it is evident that this is going to be an app that rises to the top.

Whitney Wolfe has as many as 11 million people that have signed up for this app, and the count is still growing. The reason that this app is as popular as it changes the way that the messages are placed in a woman’s domain. It comes down to what the woman has to say about the messages that she receives. She can swipe away messages and never have to worry about hearing from certain people again. This is if she is not interested in this person. If, by contrast, she is interested in someone she can send a message out to this man and connect with them. This gives the women a chance to actually make the first move, and that is why there is so much talk about this app. There aren’t any other apps like this.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/whitney-wolfe/

Kim Dao Shows Sunnydahye Around Tokyo

YouTubers Kim Dao and Sunnydahye often get together to do vlog videos. While many of Kim Dao’s vlogs with Sunny take place in South Korea, in one recent vlog Kim Dao actually shows Sunny around Tokyo. This video is called “SUNNY is back in JAPAN! | First Day in Tokyo | Shibuya” and it’s posted on Kim Dao’s vlog page.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao tells us that she’s at Narita International Airport to pick up Sunny. She says Sunny will be staying in Japan for two weeks and she promises to vlog as often as possible.


First off, Kim Dao and Sunny get something to eat at a nearby restaurant. Kim Dao orders a water-cooked Hakata-chicken’s set.


Once Kim Dao and Sunny get back to Kim’s place, they both rest for a bit and then get ready to go out to Shibuya. When they both get to Shibuya, they decide to go shopping at the mall Shibuya109. The first thing Kim Dao notices in Shibuya109 is that a new Étude House opening up. They both take a look at various clothes and, of course, Pokémon toys.


After a few hours of shopping, Kim Dao and Sunny plan to meet with some more friends and eat at a sushi restaurant. Kim Dao orders an egg pudding with chicken and mushroom. Later on, Kim Dao also orders avocado sushi.


Near the end of the video, Kim and some more friends go shopping for makeup. Then they all go to Krispy Kreme eat some delicious donuts.


For more details, visit http://kimdao.net/.