Adam Goldenberg Takes New Route for Business Opportunities

Adam Goldenberg has given a lot of people interest and what he’s doing in the business world. He has worked Don Ressler and they have created a plethora of different businesses that have been very successful products for women.

Adam Goldenberg got his early start with Myspace, but he departed from this company as this social media giant faded away. He would take his time and build a company called Intelligent Beauty that would offer personal care products for women. This is when he would develop an early model that will serve him well as he moved on to other companies like JustFab and Fabletics on

Recently JustFab has had a name change that resulted in a new fan base. This company is currently call Tech style, and that is part of a brand changing strategy on Twitter that will reach a greater crowd of millennials. It shows that there is a level of diversity that is linked to what Adam Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler are doing. They are not complacent and they do not want to be stuck in a place where they are not allowed to innovate. Text Style is a name change that shows that JustFab has and for the growth that can be done.

Adam Goldenberg is a very successful businessman, but he is not doing this all on his own. He is also joined by Don Ressler and Kate Hudson for one of the most successful companies that he has called Fabletics. This is a company that has fitness clothing for women. He has been able to maneuver this business and build a successful customer base because he has pulled in celebrity talent from co-founder Kate Hudson. She has been able to help Adam build a company that is worth millions of dollars.The revenue for Fabletics reached close to 300 million and the last couple of years. This is annual revenue to show so there’s a lot of room for growth at

Adam Goldenberg has started a lot of online businesses, but he is slowly making a move into brick-and-mortar stores with Fabletics. This will be the first of the businesses that he has done that has opened a large chain of physical stores. The date of metrics that Adam Goldenberg focused on in the past were all connected to eCommerce opportunities. He is branching out with brick-and-mortar stores and changing the direction that he is going in.

Philadelphia Attorney Karl Heideck Represents Business And Individual Clients In Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck is a skilled, experienced litigation attorney. Heideck practices as a litigator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Heideck has been practicing law for over a decade.

Heideck graduated from Temple University School of Law. Before attending law school, Heideck obtained a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College. He majored in English language and literature, with an emphasis in letters, at Swarthmore College. Heideck graduated with honors from both Temple and Swarthmore.

Karl Heideck practices in other areas of the law in addition to litigation. He represents clients in need of assistance in the commercial law, products liability law, and employment law arenas. He also represents clients in regard to regulatory compliance and risk management.

Heideck represents a variety of clients as a litigator, and in other areas of his practice as well. These includes individuals, businesses, and organizations.

A litigator in the United States is an attorney who focuses on representing clients in lawsuits. Some litigations attorneys focus on representing clients who file a lawsuit. Other litigation attorneys represent defendants in lawsuits.

A litigation attorney handles all facets of a lawsuit. This includes making a wide range of court appearances, including trials and hearings. In addition, a litigation attorney also is required to research and prepare a large variety of topics.

Litigation attorneys can be found working in private law firms, businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies. Some larger law firms have specific litigation departments.

A litigation attorney more often than not stated preparing for this specific type of career while still in school. Many litigators took a cored of classes in law school like civil procedure, courtroom practice. In addition, many litigators also participated in a law school’s moot court of law clinic programs.

A law clinic gives a third year law students the ability to represent real clients even before graduated from law school.

Organo Gold Coffee and Tea Beverages; Delicious Healthy Blends Worldwide

Beverages like coffee and tea are key staples in the global diet, especially here in the United States. Everyone craves their morning cup of joe and will do anything to find the perfect, tasty blend. Think about it: Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. Wow.

Organo Gold is one of the world’s favorite beverage lines that has quickly soared to the top and maintained its sterling status. The founder and CEO of the brand is Bernardo Chua, a man whose vision for Organo Gold has gone beyond the ordinary. Bernardo Chua has brought Ganoderma and its healthy benefits to the masses.

Ganoderma Lucidum is a glossy-looking mushroom that plays a major role in all of Organo Gold’s yummy beverages. Ancient Asian medicine called the mushroom’s extract, one of the finest herbs around.

Today’s scientific research finds that the mushroom contains incredible and potent antioxidant properties that encourage immune function, add extra oxygen to the body and can help one maintain a healthy weight. Believe it or not, this mushroom is actually grown in logs.

Bernardo Chua realized all the great properties Ganoderma contains and wanted to blend its medicinal powers into the world’s favorite beverages. Bernardo Chua created a most unique, popular brand that is quite addictive to many.

The company launched in 2008, and since that time, gradually spread its message and presence in many corners of the globe. Bernardo Chua’s latest launchings have visited the countries of Ireland, Poland and Malaysia.

Organo Gold provides lots of job opportunities for thousands of people who love his coffees and teas. Organo Gold distributors receive lengthy, comprehensive and accessible training with a generous compensation plan. Direct sales define the Organo Gold brand.

Organo Gold is based in Canada, and at the moment, has more than one million distributors around the globe, according to the latest numbers out there. The brand is active on social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Reaching Out And Building Relationships With Betsy DeVos

A lot of people enjoy helping others for different reasons. However, there is something that people need in all circumstances that goes beyond helping others. Many people seem to think that helping others is all about giving them something and then walking off. However, they do miss out on all of the benefits that could come with actually building a relationship with those they are helping. When one builds relationships with others, he will learn more about the help that they need and then will be better able to provide the help or refer them to where they can get it.

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Among the people that take the time to connect with others is Betsy DeVos. One of the reasons that she has taken the time to connect with those that she has helped is because she has been specific about the help that she wants to give. She has wanted to help with education. Therefore, she has taken the time to connect with communities that are suffering in the education department. She appreciated her ability to make sure that her children are able to get a higher quality in education. Betsy has eventually decided to take it to a greater scale by getting involved in political discussions involving school.

Betsy DeVos is someone who not only helps others but also stands up for children in schools. She does everything she can to protect the children so that they will be able to have a safe educational experience. She is not afraid to run any risks in order to help the children. She understands the need for a safe and healthy environment for education. If children are not in a healthy environment, then their grades can suffer as a whole.

Schooling and education is a very serious matter for children. Betsy DeVos is making sure that there are regular improvements being made to the school systems in her community. Betsy DeVos has gotten enough education in order to take on plenty of constructive positions in her work. She has also taken the time to learn about other activities she can do for people.

Bruno Fagali Heads Up One Of Brazil’s Leading Advertisement Firms

The manager of Corporation Allegiance in Brazil is Bruno Fagali. Mr. Fagali achieved his education in legislation, and the Brazilian group Fundação Getulio Vargas lists him as an expert. He also achieved this honor from the well-regarded College of São Paulo. Mr. Fagali’s foremost talents are positioned primarily on Municipal Administration, which is first and foremost to suppress any objectionable goals in government. Bruno Fagali endured a great number of instructional studies to receive his degree in State Authoritarian Legalities, and Mr. Fagali received his commendable Master’s in that area of knowledge, which Bruno achieved with satisfaction while studying several classes at the Brazilian College of São Paulo.

Bruno Fagali is cherished in his district for his vast depth of legal fluency regarding state law. Bruno Fagali is a director at the primary advertising promotions firm in all of Brazil. Bruno Fagali is an enormously essential facet of the Procedures & Principles Trade document. Mr. Bruno Fagali focuses his talents largely on directing the ins and outs of Regional Legality, Conformity, Anticorruption & Electoral Law.

The firm Nova/SB provides the assistance for promotions all over Brazil’s very extensive array of exposure. Nova/SB is a renowned company name and keeps a connection with the division, branded as the People’s Interest. Nova/SB requires this connection and exploits it for all of their advertisements. They’re the foremost leading advertising division in all of the country of Brazil. They are connected to an widespread gathering of necessities, pertaining to running and broadcasting advertisements, all of which are executed from their main division in Brazil.

A Community Trust declaration communicates closely with Brazil’s Committee of Transparency, associated with the Board of Power & Directives. Nova/SB is the top firm to complete such a distinctively unique arrangement.




Todd Lubar: The Man behind Legendary Investments and TDL Global Ventures.

Todd Lubar is a multi-millionaire investor. He has his fortunes thanks to his real estate developments. Coming from a humble background, he attended Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A in Speech Communication back in 1995. Upon his graduation, he took a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and worked as a loan originator from 1995-1999. His quest for a more challenging job led him to acquire an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. It is during his work with Legacy Financial Group that he expanded his contact with other professionals like CPA’s and Financial Planners. See,


During this period, he was able to help the company grow and reach a huge market share through lending as a direct Mortgage Bank. In 2005, he decided to move on and was offered a position of Senior Vice President of Charter Funding. He continued working with Charter Funding, which is a division of First Magnus Financial Corp until 2007.

Back in 2002, he decided to open a residential development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. His business has been involved in over 200 transactions that came from single-family dwellings as well as multi-family homes.

After the success of Legendary Properties, LLC, Lubar decided to form Legendary Financial, LLC, (an affiliate of its parent company, Legendary Properties, LLC) which acts as a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies interested in real estate.

Back in 2007 when the real estate business was performing poorly, Lubar decided to take up other forms of businesses. Commercial demolition and nightclubs were among the businesses he took up, according to his rebelmouse page. He got some of the biggest contracts in the country from the largest general contractors around. He was also involved in Motorcycle Scrap metal recycling which became successful to a point where his company was traded publicly.

He is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and serves as Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments. Apart from being a multi-millionaire, Todd Lubar is a family man. He has two beautiful daughters, and he resides in Bethesda Maryland. He likes to travel, and he has expressed his love for Orange County CA. For more info, check out


The Professional Work of Julie Zuckerberg

Women are taking over the world of business. Whether it’s starting their own businesses or working in some of the biggest companies, women are making great strides. One area of expertise that is seeing a rise in female executives is the field of recruiting. The field of recruiting is board but it has one basic theme, finding the top people to make a business thrive. Now, more women are being called upon to take on the role of executive recruiter. They are tasked with leading a department, in an effort to ensure the company has the right team. While there are plenty of women that are doing this job well, there is one woman who is a cut from the rest. This woman works for one of the biggest banks in the world, dedicating a portion of her life to the firm and her team. This woman is Julie Zuckerberg.


Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is one the biggest banks in the world, employing hundreds of people. As the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Julie Zuckerberg collaborates with individuals in many fields. These fields include, asset management, global technology, operations, commercial business and private wealth. Her job is to handle the talent acquisition on a regional level. She negotiates offers of prospective mangers level employees and she works to improve the recruitment process. In addition to her other tasks, she also works as an advisor to executive committees in regards to hiring processes. Julie Zuckerberg ‘ s mission is to recruitment top and diverse talent to Deutsche Bank.


This is not the first time Julie Zuckerberg is working with Deutsche Bank. Prior to this position, Ms. Zuckerberg was the Executive Recruiter of Talent Acquisition and she was also the Vice President of Deutsche Bank. She was in these positions from April 2014 to November 2015. In her previous role, she worked with business leaders and executives to manage the hiring cycle at Deutsche Bank. Julie Zuckerberg was the brains behind figuring out ways to recruit top talent. She worked to discover new methods to network and bring people in. In addition to working at Deutsche Bank, Ms. Zuckerberg worked in the field of recruitment at Citi Global Consumer Bank and an insurance company based in New York.


While Julie Zuckerberg enjoys working, she also has other pursuits. Ms. Zuckerberg is a lover of gourmet food and fine art. She has taken up photography as a hobby. Julie Zuckerberg proves that if you work hard, you can have everything you want and then some.


Dental Professional Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is the current founder and owner of a company called Dental Sleep Masters. The company specializes in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. It also educates dental professionals about these disorders as well. Weisfogel is also a practicing dentist who was able to establish himself as one of the best in his field. He began his career as a general dentist and eventually built up his own practice. However, he began to realize that many of his patients were suffering from sleep disorders and therefore looked to find ways to treat them. With his years of experience and expertise, Avi Weisfogel has been able to build a solid track record of providing top notch dental care as well as contributing to the treatment of one of the most common medical problems that many people suffer from.

At the beginning of his career, Avi worked as a general dentist in which he would provide a number of basic dental services. He would often provide exams and cleanings. Avi would also provide dental procedures such as fillings, root canals, bridges and implants. By working as a dentist, Avi would quickly establish himself as one of the most successful in his field. As a result, he started up his own practice and built it into one of the most successful around. With his dental practice being very successful, Avi was quickly able to establish himself as one of the most notable dental professionals in the industry. However, he would begin devoting much of his time and energy learning more about a common medical problem known as sleep disorders.

Since Avi was very determined to learn more about sleep disorders, he would research this condition and then look for the best ways to treat it. He would then start up a new company called Dental Sleep Masters which specialized in providing research and treatment of a number of sleep disorders of patients. As well as providing research and treatment, Dental Sleep Masters would also provide education to numerous dental professionals who are looking to provide more comprehensive care for their patients. With Dental Sleep Masters, Avi has been able to make yet another valuable contribution to both the medical and dental field.

UK Vintners Growing In Popularity

Wine vintners sell wine and also produce their own. Looking at UK vintners, mostly all are located in the south-east of England’s Sussex or Kent counties because of the chalky soil and sunshine. Wine production in the UK goes back to pre-Roman days but it seems clear that the Romans introduced the vine.

Today, UK vintners are competing in the global wine industry, especially with sparkling wines, and popularity is growing at a fast pace. There are over 579 vineyards listed on the English Wine Producers website. Some are small and started only a few years ago and some cover many hectares of land and are the oldest in the country. A few of the top UK vintners are:

Three Choirs – located in Wickham and one of the oldest vineyards making both reds and whites with an experimental area where new varieties are emerging. Both still and sparkling wines are sold locally and worldwide. Three Choirs was the first UK vintner awarded a gold medal at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, France.

Nyetimber – in business for over 20 years and one of the largest of the UK vintners with over 170 hectares. In 2006, guided by winemaker, Cherie Spriggs, Nyetimber entered the international market. Their famous wines include Blanc de Blancs (100% Chardonnay), Classic Cuvee (a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier), Rosé (a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) and Demi-Sec (100% Chardonnay)

Ridgeview – Sussex-based and family-owned, this UK vintner uses traditional methods to produce the highest quality sparkling wine. CEO Tamara Roberts has been named Sussex Business Woman of the Year. In May of 2016, Ridgeview was named as the official suppliers for Downing Street receptions.

Nutbourne – Based in a 19th-century windmill in the South Downs, this family-owned business is famous for its still white wine. Winning the gold medal in 2015 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition for this wine, Nutborne was the first UK vintner awarded. Their sparkling wines are also reviewed as spectacular. The Jazz in the Vines event takes place at the vineyard in August.

UK vintners’ wines are available at supermarkets and high street chains, independent retailers, online and by mail order. The UK vintner can be proud of the growth and quality of their wines recognized everywhere today.

Technology Leader Securus Technologies Corrects GTL’s Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies is a leading company as far as communication in correction facilities is concerned. The company has availed several services to prisons that range from monitoring, safety to investigations. Securus has been in the headlines for correcting information released by GTL. Global Tel Technologies published information through a press release. Securus Technologies have revealed the information as false, misleading, and illogical. Global Tel Link made a press statement concerning various patents. Securus Technologies came out to provide clarification on the information and to correct the claims.


Securus Technologies insisted that Global Tel Link knows that patents and litigation take years and millions of dollars to pursue. The lawsuit approach undertaken by GTL is thus questionable. One can wonder if the approach is in the best interest of the company. Securus Technologies has determined to defend themselves from any allegations made by GTL. Securus Technologies has advised GTL to stop picking fights with other companies. As an alternative, the company should strive to gain more patents and licenses. Securus Technologies revealed that GTL had only 51 patents while Securus had 150 patents.


During the press release, Richard Smith expressed his love for the correction industry. He stated that he has enjoyed working with the correction facility community. However, he was offended by companies like GTL which strive to ruin other company’s reputation just to get ahead of the competition. He insisted that instead of publishing false information everywhere, the company should air out their differences in a meeting. GTL acted below the integrity line when it decided to release false information. Rick Smith stated the Securus Technologies is out there to make profits. However, the company puts its customers above the company’s interests. GTL has been caught in several misconducts in the past. The company stated that it would release misconducts released by the firm.